Back Forty Catering

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Back Forty Sporting Clays Banquet Center

1010 9B Road, Bourbon, IN 46504
Mailing Address: 208 N. Harris Street, Bourbon, IN 46504
PH: Terrin Meister Robbins (574)305-5686


$2/guest pick 2; $3/guest pick 3; $4/guest pick 4; $5/guest pick 5

Basic Appetizer Choices

Veggie Tray and Dip, Crackers and Assorted Hard Cheese, Sausage Nacho dip with tortilla chips

Select Appetizer Choices

Add $1/guest/choice to substitute a Select Appetizer for Basic Appetizer

Meatballs (creamy dill, bbq, or creamy mushroom), Cocktail Weenies in Sweet Bbq Sauce, Buffalo Chicken dip with tortilla chips, Buffalo chicken tarts, SEASONAL Cocktail Shrimp w/ sauce