Back Forty Catering

1010 9B Road, Bourbon, IN 46504
Mailing Address: 208 N. Harris Street, Bourbon, IN 46504
PH: Terrin Meister Robbins (574)305-5686

Appetizer Platters (with Entrée)

Please call for pricing
Basic Appetizer Choices

Veggie Tray and Dip, Crackers and Assorted Hard Cheese, Sausage Nacho dip with tortilla chips

Select Appetizer Choices

Add $1/guest/choice to substitute a Select Appetizer for Basic Appetizer

Meatballs (creamy dill, bbq, or creamy mushroom), Cocktail Weenies in Sweet Bbq Sauce, Buffalo Chicken dip with tortilla chips, Buffalo chicken tarts, Seasonal Cocktail Shrimp w/ sauce